KBM Pharma OÜ is a licensed GDP distributor for pharmaceutical products.

We provide cost-effective sales and marketing solutions for pharmaceutical products, herbal medicines, medical devices and food supplements.

Our cooperation with leading pharmacy chains provides the best market coverage.

We are licensed to import and distribute pharmaceutical products.

We have our own sales force.
Our sales force will be trained according to the requirements of our partner.
We are flexible to expand our sales organization according to the project needs.
The activities of our sales force will be supported by advertising and publications in professional and public journals.
We visit medical centres, pharmacies, hospitals and other health care institutions as well as attend local medical conferences and events.

Other marketing and regulatory services:

  • Consultation on reimbursement applications;
  • Preparation and submission of reimbursement applications;
  • Translation and preparation of promotion materials according to local legal requirements, etc;
  • Information about various national regulations: laws, guidelines and requirements related to registration of medicinal products;
  • Consultancies on post-marketing studies;

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and budget.